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Jul 24, 2023

The Burden of Truth

The highest form of truth is a knowledge of who you really are.

There is no greater weight to be placed on your shoulders than the burden of truth.

Let me ask you a question.

If you were given the opportunity to receive revelation from God about a truth that must be taught to the world, and you were the one chosen to teach this truth... do you think you could bear the weight of that responsibility?

Would you have the strength to tell the world something that only you now know?

Like all truths, you know that the truth divides and offends.

The truth is never easy to accept, and yet it is the truth all the same.

Would you have the strength to declare the path and tell everyone you meet with absolute certainty to come and follow you?

What would the world say to you?

Do you think they would accept you?

What happens when much smarter and more esteemed men and women begin to preach against you?

Men and women who have "PhDs" in the field of study to which you now claim to have the absolute truth. Do you think they will humbly accept you as the source of this truth?

Can you stand firm, look them in the eye, and tell them that they are wrong, no matter who they are, and that you know the truth?

Could you really tell them that they are wrong and you are right?

How would you respond when they begin to recite their years of study and credentials?

What will you say when they ask how you came about this knowledge of which you are so certain?

Would you tell them it was a revelation from God?

Wouldn't they laugh at you?

What if it starts a heated argument?

Aren't you supposed to be the bigger person and just walk away?

Why are you starting so much drama?

You are offending people!

How would people try to discredit you?

Would they not begin to attack your character?

Question why you think you are so special that God would speak to you!

Would they attack your history, your old tweets, all your old misdoings?

What if the world creates a lie and accuses you of being a racist, a sexual predator, or a scam artist and spreads this lie all around the internet like wildfire?

Now anyone who googles your name only sees the lies stated as truth, and from here on out, that is the lens through which people see you.

Would you still be able to stand on the rooftops and declare the truth as God called you to do? Would you have enough confidence and courage to tell the entire world to follow you?

Would you begin to second-guess your calling?

Would you second-guess yourself and your very senses?

Would you over time listen to the hatred from the world and begin to wonder, why me?

Why should anyone listen to me? What if I was just dreaming?

What if I am crazy and I saw something that wasn't real?

What if I made it all up in my mind?

Is it worth this kind of hatred and pain?

Who am I to tell millions of people and all these "specialists" that they are wrong, and that I am right?

Am I being too prideful and full of ego?

Should I maybe listen to the coaching and counseling of others who are older and wiser and maybe more experienced in this field?

Who am I to declare the truth?

The burden of truth is a weight that great kings, prophets, and philosophers have lamented. It is the duty to bear.

It is the very weight of existence itself.

When you discover the truth, you now hold a sacred responsibility to hold the line of truth.

Truth is light.

Light is power.

And when you are cursed with the gift of knowledge of the truth, you are therefore given two choices, for the comforting excuse of ignorance is now gone.

As they say, ignorance is truly bliss.

The two choices are:

To stay disciplined in the truth and to bear the weight of the truth.


To deny the truth entirely and let it go, try to forget it, and run from the truth.

The truth divides asunder.

It is the line that cuts through the gray and distinguishes light from darkness and truth from lies.

There is no in-between.


If you have the strength to bear the weight of the truth, like a diamond, you will be perfected under the sheer weight of the burden you shoulder.

It is the power of your will.

The power and glory of standing firm in the light and truth are the same powers that allow you to ascend and become.

It is the power of certainty and confidence.

It is a supreme belief in oneself and therefore an unshakable faith in God and His will for you.

This is the power of knowing who you are and what God has chosen you to do.

When your will and the will of God become aligned.

That kind of light and power is the power of faith.

It is the power to have dominion over all things and to speak, and even the elements must obey.

Knowing who you are and what God called you to do is the greatest burden but also the greatest achievement of your life, for you now know the purpose of your existence.

This is the power of knowing who "I AM".

If you deny the truth, then you will live a lie.

Through cowardice and weakness, you couldn't bear the truth. You could not stand in the light for fear of the retribution of the world or a lack of faith in God and His calling He bestowed upon you.

You not only denied the truth, but you denied who you are and, therefore, denied God Himself.

The power of knowing who you are (Knowing who I AM) and then living in that power is the most important mission of your life.

It is the only thing that should consume your thoughts, for it is the very reason you exist!

Truth is light.

Light is power.

It governs all things.

God is the source of all light and truth.

You were created in His image.


Knowing who you are and knowing your purpose is the highest form of truth and light. It is your foreordained calling.

But the question remains: If you discover the truth of who you really are... would you have the strength and the courage to bear that burden?

Would you have the strength to not deny who you are and to not deny truth itself?

Make no mistake, your highest calling will also summon the highest form of opposition.

You will be attacked.

In order to discover who you really are, the natural man must die.

In order to become who you were meant to become, you must betray who the world expects you to be.

You were called to be in the world but not of the world.

You must reject the world.

And the world loves its own.

"If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you." - John 15:12-19

The natural man is an enemy to God.

You must become unnatural.

You must align yourself with the will of God and become who you were meant to be.

The path to do this is simple.

Seek after truth and only truth.

Live stubbornly in the light and discipline in what you know to be true.

Reject all forms of natural tendencies and worldly desires.

Betray the expectations of the world, no matter who you offend.

Through the strengthening of your will and resolve to live in the light of truth, you will be given more truth and therefore more power.

And this is how you become who you were foreordained to be.

Be Great or Be Nothing.

-Jeremiah "The Bull" Evans

Jeremiah "The Bull" Evans

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